Friday Harbor Gun Runners - Gun Safety Courses and Destination Training Weekends
Defensive Firearm Training in Chehalis, WA; 30+ State Concealed Carry Permit Bundle class and Gun Laws & You! class locations in Lynnwood, Puyallup and Chehalis
Travel???  Travel safely & legally by obtaining these non-resident permits: Utah CFP, Oregon CHL, Arizona CWP and Idaho Enhanced CWL.  We provide the curriculum required by each of these states.

Where can you carry concealed?  When can you shoot?  More importantly, when can't you shoot?  Find out in our "Gun Laws & You!" class.

Register for one of our defensive handgun range classes: Ladies 2-Day Defensive Handgun Retreat, Defensive Handgun Fundamentals, Skill Builder Range class, Advanced Tactical Handgun class, AR-15 Carbine class.  It's important to have the skill to accurately hit your target.  Schedule a Private Range Tutorial for personal firearms safety and marksmanship suitable for the whole family.
NRA Certified Instructors
Our instructors are NRA Certified. At Friday Harbor Gun Runners when it comes to the shooting sports it is safety first. You will feel comfortable in our classes. We have a passion for creating a safe environment to learn and train at any skill level.  We provide old fashioned training for old fashioned American citizens, while using high tech training skills and equipment. We'll help you develop defensive firearm and personal protection skills you can bet your LIFE on!
New Students Training
Ten years of students trained and counting.